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Working In The Cloud

My experience has been primarially working with Microsoft Azure but I've had abundence of experience provisioning infrastructure in the cloud. Hosting servers and serverless solutions in the cloud to overseeing the saving of costs by optimising software and downgrading app service plans.

Mobile Applications

I am very interested in mobile apps, I have created applications on android platforms. One App I created was for a ski resort called BUQA. The app provided weather information for the resort and emergency contact information which also provided location services.


Understanding how an Ecommerce site works and working under a team of skilled developers who have developed database driven Ecommerce sites to be reliable and easy accessible at all times has been one of my greatest moments. I would love to help small businesses or developers on any ecommerce sites in the foreseeable future

Lead Generation

I love connecting consumers with products they can enjoy, my passion is around the innovotive ways we can capture consumers data, enrich that data and provide better services to help that consumer get what they want out of their journey. We know platforms like Facebook & Google ads can do this but we can think outside of the box and we can capture information in a more innovitve way that will increase the consumers journey rather than just another advert.


Being a developer I have seen and come to revise heavily on security. I have been involved in many situations where understanding security has been an eye opening role. From SQL injection vulnerabilities, Ransom demands from offshore DDOS Attacks, viruses, keyloggers, Password Hashing Requirements and becoming PCI Compliant.


Why make changes on the front end? When you can make changes in the database. A lot of ecommerce sites now depend on databases, a simple change on the database can change how the front end of your website looks. This could be prices, descriptions, ratings, reviews and more. Using javascript and css you can also now give sites a more responsive intelligent design based on user interaction! I have designed and understand responsive design.


Who Am I?

Joshua at dotnetliverpool

Mr Joshua Lee Duxbury BSc

Senior Full Stack Software Consultant

Joshua is a passonate Senior Software Consultant with experience in leading large scale high performance software development teams

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Joshua is a family man, currently residing in the North West of England with his Wife Victoria and son Harry.

Joshua enjoys keeping fit, he sees it as a way to keep his mind sharp on the tasks at hand, it helps him focused. During the summer of 2019 Joshua completed his first Iron Man in Italy. His drive for success can be seen in and out of his working life. He is already working towards some personal bests in the near future during other Iron man events around the world.



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Tough Mudder – Cheshire/North

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Hackathon Manchester Mentor

Hackathon 2017 - Manchester

Being a mentor!

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Hackathon 2017 - Manchester

Being a mentor!

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Hosting Dot Net Liverpool

Established in 2018!

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Ironman 2022 - Portugal

3.8k Swim, 180km Bike and 42k Run!






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